About eBay.com

About eBay.com


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In September of 1995, eBay was launched online under the name ‘AuctionWeb’. Two years later, the site was renamed  eBay.com



eBay.com   has over 25 million sellers, and over 165 million users. There are over a billion items listed on  eBay.com  at one time.



Millions of third-party sellers, selling billions of products.


NoteSince items on  eBay.com  are sold by third-party sellers, always check the Positive Feedback of a seller, before making a purchase. It is my recommendation to never buy from a seller with less than 98% Positive Feedback. 100% Positive Feedback is even better.


Guarantees & Return Policy

Buyers can use the eBay Money Back Guarantee when:

  • They do not receive an item
  • They receive an item that does not match the listing description


Shipping Policy

Shipping Policies vary from seller to seller, with many sellers offering FREE Shipping on their items.


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