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In an effort to maintain the integrity of this website, all Reviews that appear on this site are originaland, to the best of my knowledge have been left by an actual user or purchaser of the tool and/or product. I will never repost a Review from another website, nor will I ever knowingly post any phony Reviews. Given that this is a relatively new site (started in January 2017), there may not be many, if any, Reviews on a particular tool, product, or project.

However, when I point you to a particular tool or product that I recommend, it is based on either, my personal experience with a particular item, or my extensive research. I will also point you to a website where that tool or product is available at a reasonable price. When you go to that website, you can check the Reviews there.

On this site, Reviews for a particular tool or product are typically left in the Comments section, located at the bottom of each project. My personal Reviews, or suggestions, are in the   Home – Garden: Tools and Equipment List   pages, which you can find in the Top Menu on my website.


Best of Luck in All of your Projects!


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