Organize for Storage

Organize for Storage

Organize It! – Phase 1 of 8


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Organize It!

Organize It!


Now it is time to begin to Organize for Storage. In Phase 1 you will:

  • Gather all of your tools and accessories, fasteners, spare parts, & supplies
  • Organize all of the above
  • Assess their condition
  • Clean them if necessary


Materials and Supplies Needed

There are no Materials and Supplies Needed for this Project.


Tools and Supplies Needed:

  • Cleaning Rags
  • Cleaning Solution (Dirt and Grime Cleaner or Degreaser as needed)


In order to purchase any Tools & Supplies Needed, see the appropriate page in any of the drop-down pages under:  Home – Garden:  Tools and Equipment List  in my Top Menu. Scroll down the list to find the correct item. You will find an explanation of that item, as well as, links under each item, which direct you to my Recommended Suppliers for you to check out their offerings.




Step-by-Step Instructions


If you are a fairly new Homeowner, or have a small amount of the items that need to be Organized, you can complete all of these Organization steps as outlined. If you have owned your Home for some time and have accumulated quite a quantity of items, you can certainly do this in steps.

You can Organize your Tools and Accessories first, completing all of the necessary Steps or parts of Steps to finish that portion. Then, you can go on to Organize your fasteners, supplies, and spare parts. The choice is absolutely yours. The order of completion is not as important as the need to complete all of the (8) Phases for:  Organize It!, so that you will be fully ready to efficiently begin to tackle any and all of your Home Projects.


Step 1 – Set up Your Staging Areas


Set up your Primary and Secondary Base Staging Areas where you will Gather and Organize all of your Tools and Accessories, Fasteners, Spare Parts, & Supplies for Assessment.


You need to set up (2) Staging Areas for these items:

Primary Base Staging Area – for Home related items

Secondary Base Staging Area – for Yard related items


These Staging Areas should not be in the exact areas where you intend to setup your Bases, but should be relatively close by. These Staging Areas are where you will temporarily keep your Tools and other items while you are setting up your Bases. This may require you to do some decluttering and cleaning first, in those selected areas.

For your Hand Tools, you can set up a 4’x 8’ sheet of Plywood or Wallboard on a set of Saw Horses if available (best side facing down), or you can use an old door, if you have one lying around. If none of these are available, you can simply use the floor, putting down a tarp, plastic drop cloth, old sheet, or old blanket to protect your floor if necessary.


Step 2 – Gather Up & Assess Your Tools & Accessories


Gather and Organize all of your Tools and Accessories and Assess.


Once you have selected and set up your (2) Staging Areas, go around the house and garage, gathering up all of your Tools and Accessories, and place them in the appropriate Staging Areas. Check in drawers, cabinets, and clean up Workbenches.

Put similar Tools together, and place Power Tools and their Accessories near one another. As you gather, clean them up and inspect them before placing them in your Staging Areas. If there are any that require repair, oiling, or sharpening, place them in separate piles in each of your areas. Check for: broken handles, dull tips, rust, stiffness, etc. You can repair these later.

If there are any Tools that are broken beyond repair and need replacing, make a list of what needs to be replaced and discard the damaged Tools. Be descriptive when listing your items. Do not just write down ‘hammer’, but the exact type of hammer, such as, ‘claw hammer’ or ‘small ball-peen hammer’. You can order these later.

If your main Tool Box is very disorganized, empty it into the Staging Area, cleaning and inspecting each Tool as you do this. You can then clean your Tool Box before restocking it.

Once you have gathered all of your Tools and placed them in the Staging Areas, you will get an idea of how much main Tool Box and Pegboard space that you will need for your Tools.


Step 3 – Gather Up Your Fasteners


Gather and Organize all of your Fasteners.


Now, go around the house and garage and collect all of your Fasteners:  screws, nails, nuts, bolts, washers, etc. and place them in your Primary Staging Area. Check for these items on Workbenches, in junk Drawers, etc. Place boxed or bagged items of like parts together, and place loose items in coffee cans, jars, shoe boxes, or other containers, to be sorted out later.

Bent nails, rusted screws, etc., should just be thrown away, but you do not need to go through everything now if you have a lot. You can do a little bit at a time over a longer period, but be sure to keep at it until it is completed.

Once you have gathered all of your Fasteners and placed them in the appropriate Staging Area, you will get an idea of how much Shelving and Container space that you will need for these items.


Step 4 – Gather Up Your Spare Parts & Supplies


Gather and Organize all of your Spare Parts & Supplies.


Finally, gather up all of your Spare Parts & Supplies, and place them in the appropriate Staging Areas. Keep items grouped according to types, such as:  electrical parts, plumbing parts, and painting supplies. Most of these items will go in your Primary Staging Area, but anything associated with Yard Projects, should be placed in your Secondary Staging Area. Throw out anything that is damaged or no good.

Once you have gathered all of your Spare Parts & Supplies, and placed them in the appropriate Staging Areas, you will get an idea of how much Drawer, Shelf, or Bin space that you will need to store them.


Phase 1 is complete. On to Phase 2.


Good Job!   You are on your way to getting completely Organized!


Please take the time to leave a Comment or ask a Question in the Comments section below. Let me know how your Project went.



CJ Dodaro

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