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May is usually the month when Outside Landscaping Projects usually get into full swing. The weather is warming, the rain is minimal, and the sunshine is fantastic! Time to make your Yard look better so that you can really enjoy it in the months to come. Here are some Tips on ways to brighten up your Outside Living Spaces:

Tip 1:  Pressure Wash for a Fresh Look


Pressure Washing can brighten up any dirty surfaces and bring the items to alive once again. Pressure Washers can clean everything from your driveway, walks, patios, decks, home siding, patio furniture, your car, to just about anything else that you point them at. A good Pressure Washer is an excellent investment which will serve you well for many years.

Forget the electric Pressure Washers. They just do not have enough power to give you great results. Instead, purchase a Gas-Powered Pressure Washer with a minimum of 2500 p.s.i. for best results. They usually come with a tank for adding a soap solution to assist with the cleaning process.


Use the proper Safety Gear. It is best to use a complete Rain Suit when operating. The back spray will get you very wet. You should also where Safety Glasses, Hat, and Water-Proof Boots.

Care should be taken when using this type of powerful equipment. NEVER point them at any body parts. They usually come with multiple tips, which provide different pressure intensity. Always use the proper tip so that you do not damage the surfaces of the items that you are washing. Start with the tip with the largest orifice. This will be the tip that will supply the least amount of pressure. Then, go up one tip size at a time until you find the right pressure for the items that you are washing. Do not forget to restart the process again when you change from washing one type of item to another.

You can fill the soap tank with a cleaning solution of your choice to assist in the cleaning process, avoiding strong chemicals like bleach, which can be harmful to some surfaces, such as patio furniture and grass. You can use a degreaser solution on driveway oil stains, spraying the solution directly on the stain and letting it sit for a few minutes before using your Pressure Washer. Repeat as needed.


Keep the tip on your wand about 6” to 12” away from your surfaces, and pointed away from you at all times. Move the wand slowly across the surface, getting a little closer and moving a little slower for stubborn stains. Rinse all surfaces with plain water when the cleaning is finished.

Pressure Washers are also an excellent way of removing peeling paint from hardboard siding on your Home. Using a Pressure Washer before you begin scraping will save you many hours of hard work.

Once you get started, and see how well things will be cleaned, it is hard to stop. Pressure Washers will make many items look nearly brand new again!


For more information on Pressure Washing, see my PostWhat is the Best Gas Pressure Washer?


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Tip 2:  Plant your Annual & Perennial Flowers


Mother’s Day is the generally accepted starting date to begin planting Annual & Perennial Flowers, although some parts of country may be slightly different. It generally marks the time when morning frost will no longer damage any newly planted Flowers.

See my Post:   Prepare Flower Bed for Planting for insight on how to best prepare your Flower Beds in order to help create the best blooms possible.


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Best of Luck in All of Your Projects!



CJ Dodaro

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