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Summertime is sometimes filled with many different events, such as weddings, graduations, birthday parties, barbecues, pool parties . . . . . the list goes on and on. If you find yourself hosting one of these at your Home, you may want to spruce some things up before your company comes over to visit.


Here are some Tips on ways to brighten up both your Inside and Outside spaces:

Inside Projects

Tip 1:  Declutter & Clean


Sounds easy enough, but can you do it? Keeping in mind, that if you are hosting an event with a fair amount of people coming over, and it decides to rain that day, everyone will be inside. Oh NO! Where am I going to put all of these people?


Start by removing items that are just not needed for company, like children’s toys (especially the larger ones), certain side tables, etc. Store them where ever you can for your event: either in a spare room, corner of the basement or garage, or in the attic. Keep in mind that you will need additional tables and chairs for laying out food and for your guests to sit. You can always ask some of the guests to bring some.

Once all of the extras have been removed, give each room a cleaning from top to bottom. Wash ceiling and walls if needed, dust off the ceiling fans, dust, polish, and/or vacuum the furniture, pictures, knick-knacks, wall hangings, throw pillows, etc. Vacuum or mop the floors. Use glass cleaner on TV screens with the TV off (non-ammonia type – spray on rag or paper towels, not directly on TV screen), mirrors, and windows. Once everything is clean in a room, make sure the rest of your family helps you keep it that way.


Tip 2:  Repaint


If you have the time and are feeling a little energetic, you can put a fresh coat of paint on a room or two.


Tip 3:  Shampoo Carpet


If you have some dingy or dirty Carpets, you can make them come back to life by cleaning them. You can rent a Carpet Cleaner, but I find that they are reasonable enough, and will be used often enough, that for me it makes more sense to purchase one. Most of the good units come with upholstery cleaning attachments, so making that Couch and Recliner look new can be easily accomplished.

See my Post:   Best Way – Clean Carpet


Tip 4:  Clean & Polish Hardwood Floors


If you have Hardwood Floors, one of the best products on the market is:  Laminator Plus. It is an excellent product to get Laminate or Hardwood Floors back to like new condition. It can also be used on vinyl, bamboo, cork, linoleum, and slate Flooring. It is a 100% biodegradable product and contains no harmful chemicals or corrosives.


These are just a few of the things that you can and should do to the inside of your Home before hosting any event. Now, for the Outside Projects . . .

Outside Projects


Many get togethers in the Summer are often held outside if the weather is cooperative. Here are some Tips on getting your Outside Landscaping in great shape.


Tip 1:  Weed & Cultivate All Planting Beds


There is nothing nicer looking than a Weed free, freshly cultivated Planting Bed. Spend the time going over all of your Planting Beds removing all of the Weeds by the roots wherever possible. A Weed Picker will help with this. Then, if your Beds are just dirt (no Mulch or Stone), take your Flat-Head Spade Shovel and cultivate the Soil about 4” deep. This will give it a fresh look as well as allow future watering to get to the Plant roots easier.

If you have large Beds with a lot of open space, you can use your small Rototiller instead of your Shovel to make quick work of this.


Tip 2:  Trim Shrubs, Trees, & Evergreens


Get out your Hedge Trimmers and trim up all of your Shrubs and Evergreens. If you lay Tarps or old blankets or sheets to cover the bed area between your Plants, clean up will be a breeze. You can also take your Pruners, Lopper, and/or Chain Saw and trim up any low hanging Tree branches. Also trim any suckers growing around the trunks of the Trees. Be sure to seal the cuts with Pruning Paint when finished.


Tip 3:  Spread Summer Application of Lawn Fertilizer


It is time to purchase and apply your Summer Lawn Fertilizer. Purchase a Fertilizer with a good quantity of Potassium and Phosphorous in it to encourage root growth at this time of year. The Nitrogen count should be lower than your Spring application. It is good idea to thoroughly water you Summer Fertilizer application after applying.


Tip 4:  Fertilizer Flowers, Evergreens & Shrubs


It is also a good idea to fertilize all of the Plants on your property. You can either do a quick feeding by spreading some of your Lawn Fertilizer near the base of your Plants, but do not overdo it. A better, but more time consuming way is to use a Root Feeder hooked up to your Garden Hose.

You buy Fertilizer Pellets specific to the types of Plants that you are fertilizing, place a couple of them in the holder of the Root Feeder, hook it up to your Garden Hose, turn the water Spicket on about 1/2 way, and push the Root Feeder into the Ground at the outer edge of your Plant’s branches. Push it in about 6” – 10” deep, depending on Plant size (shallower for smaller plants and deeper for taller ones). Let the water run until it begins to show pooling on the surface. You should feed at least 2 opposite sides of each Plant.

When the Pellets are dissolved, turn off the water and install more. Repeat this process for all Shrubs, Evergreens, and Trees on your property. You can also purchase some Flower Fertilizer and sprinkle it around the outside of your Flowers, then water it in thoroughly. Fertilizing your Plants will help insure that they will stay healthy even in drought type conditions.


Tip 5:  Pressure Wash Your Hardscape & Patio Furniture


A great way to make areas like decks, sidewalks, driveways, patios. and even patio furniture, look like new is to use a Pressure Washer.

See my PostWhat is the Best Gas Pressure Washer?


If you accomplish some or all of these tasks before hosting your event, you will show your guests that you care and can show off your Home and Landscape in the best light. You will also be able to enjoy the results all Summer long.


Best of Luck in All of Your Projects! Enjoy!



CJ Dodaro

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