How to Navigate Website

How to Navigate Website


Hello All!


This site is set up to accommodate all types of Home Renovation People:  from the Dabbler to the Professional, from the Newcomer in Home Projects to the seasoned Weekend Warrior. So, in order to make this the best experience for all, here are some helpful Tips as to how this site has been set up and How to Navigate Website.


Use of Colors


My use of Colors is not random. I have chosen specific Colors, Bolding, and Underlining to indicate specific things. Although it is my intention to attempt to stay consistent in my use of these, I may occasionally stray, simply for aesthetics.


The following will explain:

  • Green & Bold = Instructions for the seasoned workers, usually found at the beginning of each step in each project’s instructions; less detailed and right to the point.
  • Black = General information, as well as, step-by-step detailed instructions for each step. These will follow the Green & Bold instructions in each step.
  • Blue, Bold, and Underlined = Post Headings and Materials & Supplies Headings as apposed to Tools and Supplies Headings which are in black.
  • Blue & Underlined = Link
  • Red & Bold = Warnings and Tips (everyone should take a look at these)
  • Bold and/or Underlined = Emphasis


Step-by-Step Instructions


As I have pointed out earlier, the Step-by-Step Instructions for each project are set up to accommodate both the experienced and the Inexperienced. The first paragraph or two in each of the steps in every project contains a quick overview of the task to be completed. It is presented in Green & Bold. For the experienced project worker who is already familiar with most of the details for completing particular tasks, this may be the only Instructions that are needed.

For the less experienced, each step goes on to explain the task to be completed in great detail, walking you through each task in a true step-by-step fashion. The details often contain various Tips and Warnings, so it would behoove even the most experienced person to at least skim through those in order to avoid an issue that they may have forgotten.


HelpMeFixHome Logo


You can click on the Photo above to view my  Home  page.


Top Menu


Top Menu:  Home  Home Construction Terminology  Best Home Repair Tools & Equipment  Recommended Suppliers  Reviews  About Me Contact Me


You can click on any of the Top Menu items to see some general information about the topic. Some of these Top Menu items contain drop-down menu choices, (shown when you hover over the Top Menu items), some do not. When available, you can click on any of the choices in a drop-down menu to be directed to that specific page.


Side Menu


Side Menu Categories  Recent Posts  Post Archives  Affiliate Disclosure


Clicking on any of those links here, will take you to my  Home  page. There, you can view the Side Menu and click on the area that you wish to explore.

Some of these Side Menu items contain drop-down menu choices, (shown when you click on the drop-down arrow on the right), some do not. When available, you can click on any of the choices in a drop-down menu to be directed to that specific post or group of posts.


Footer Menu


Footer Menu Privacy Policy  About Me  Contact Me

Clicking on any of those links will take you directly to that page.


In Closing


In closing, I encourage you to post Comments at the bottom of any project, noting your success or failure in completing that particular project. Comments and/or Questions should be project related where posted. For a personal, rather than public conversation, visit my   Contact Me   page.


I will do my best to Comment on your Comments and to answer all of your Questions promptly. Please remember, no Question is a stupid one. We All had to learn this information at some point.


It is important that you understand the terminology and proper tools to use for each particular project if you want to complete that project to the best of your ability.

Knowledge is a powerful thing. The more knowledge that you acquire in a particular area, the better you will feel about yourself, and the more you will be apt to attempt that next new unfamiliar project with greater confidence.


So, the Best of Luck in All of Your Home Projects! You Can Do It!



CJ Dodaro