Average Home Maintenance Costs

Whether you are a New Homeowner or have Owned Your Home for Many Years:



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Average Home Maintenance Costs

Average Home Maintenance Costs


 Average Home Maintenance Costs


What I am about to tell you is not meant to scare you, nor do I want to make you think that maybe it is a bad idea to be a Homeowner. On the contrary, I am merely trying to educate you on the subject of Average Home Maintenance Costs, in order to help you prepare for those unpleasant ‘surprises‘ that will happen down the road.

I think that owning your own Home is one of the best investments that you can make in life. I have owned my Home for over 30 years and I have never regretted being a Homeowner.


Now let’s get down to the facts . . . . . . .


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Average Costs


The Average Home Maintenance Costs are about 1% of your Home’s Value each Year. On a $300,000 Home, that comes to $3,000 a year. If you up this a little to $4,000 (just to be safe), that annual amount comes to $333 per month.

You may say:  ‘I have been a Homeowner for 5 years and I do not spend that much.’ Wait another 5 – 10 years or so, when you may need that $6,000 new roof or that $4,000 new furnace/ac, or that $8,000 new driveway. Average those Costs over time into your annual budget and you will see how things will quickly add up.

Bear in mind, that this amount is strictly for Maintenance & Repair, not for upgrading. This is simply for repairing or replacing existing items with like quality. This would go for things like:  wallboard repair, repainting, replacing carpets or other types of flooring, furnace & air conditioning cleaning, repair, and filter changes, caulking, replacing worn out plumbing and fixtures, replacing worn out electrical switches and outlets, replacing worn out built in appliances, water heaters, lawnmowers, etc.

This amount does not include:  upgrading your kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplash to designer cabinets, granite countertops, designer backsplash, and adding an island. nor would it include:  upgrading the master bath to spa quality with marble shower tile and floor, installing a new deck or patio, or adding an addition on to your house.

These costs can go up considerably if you always hire contractors to do all the work, especially if you hire the wrong Contractors. (Watch these TV shows:  ‘Catch a Contractor’ and ‘Holmes Makes It Right’ for some insight on bad contractors.)


So how can you Avoid These Unnecessary Costs and SAVE SOME MONEY?




Even if you have no desire to do the repairs yourself, at least learn how they should be done correctly so that you do not get ripped off by an unscrupulous contractor or handyman!


Even if you have never repaired anything in your life, that’s ok. We all have to start somewhere. No one is born with this knowledge. My website is intended to teach you how to do a multitude of common repairs, along with the proper Tools and products to use, and where to get those Tools and products.

Click on my  Home  link (or you can click on the picture above), and explore some of the information that is found in the Top Menu. Then go to the Side Menu and explore the Projects in the areas that interest you. If you do not see a Project addressing the type of Repair or Maintenance that you need information on, send me an email at:  cj@helpmefixhome.com  and request the information. I will do my best to get back to you promptly.


I will teach you how you can Save yourself some money and help you acquire some pride in a job well done!


If you have any Questions or Suggestions on a specific Repair, please leave them in the Comments Section of any Project, or you can email directly at:  cj@helpmefixhome.com


Thank You for Your Time, and Good Luck in All You Do!



CJ Dodaro