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Hello Everyone, and Happy Holidays!


Included in this Month’s Newsletter is the following:

Tips for Decorating for the Holidays

I know that this is a very busy time for everyone, so this month’s Newsletter, will be short and sweet. I wish you All Happy Holidays! Enjoy!





Tips for Decorating for the Holidays


Tip 1:  Hanging Christmas Lights and Other Decorations


Sometimes the process of Hanging Christmas Lights can be a lot of fun. Sometimes, it can just be a downright pain. To make the process easier from year to year, try using some 3M Command Hooks. These hooks can easily be attached to most surfaces, and are easily removable when you are done, if you so desire.

Use these hooks on the underside of your gutters, to make it easier to hang Christmas Lights each year. You can leave the hooks in place all year round. They are really not that noticeable. This will make the process of hanging your lights go quick and smooth each year.


You can also hang them on your Home’s siding in the shape of a tree, wreath, train, of any other appropriate Christmas themed object. The hooks placed on your home’s siding should be removed at the end of the season. Save the hooks, as replacement Command Strip Adhesives are available.

These hooks come in a variety of sizes. The larger ones are great for hanging wreaths on your home or front door.


Purchase 3M Command Hooks at:


Tip 2:  Christmas Tree Lights


Whether lighting up a real tree or an artificial one, most people do NOT volunteer for this job. Installing Christmas Tree Lights can be rather unpleasant when putting them on, as well as taking them back off.

If you are installing on a real tree, wear a pair of Mechanic’s Gloves and long sleeves to avoid getting scratched by the tree bristles.


Purchase Mechanic’s Gloves at:


Plug your Christmas Tree Lights in and turn them on before hanging. There’s nothing worse than hanging several strings of 100 or so lights each, just to find out that none of them work!

Also, string your lights, up and down, rather than round and round. This will make it much easier to put them on, as well as take them back off when you are ready to.

Start from the inside near the bottom, go up to the top, loop around a top branch, move over about 6” and run the string back down. Loop under a lower branch and repeat the process. When you have encircled the tree once, move outward and repeat. Do this as many times as needed until you are happy with the results. Always avoid placing Christmas Tree Lights on the outer 6” of your branches, in order to leave room for your Ornaments.


Purchase Christmas Tree Lights & Ornaments at:


Tip 3:  Use PVC Pipe to Create Decorations


PVC Pipe is an inexpensive way to help you decorate. 1/2” PVC Pipe can be purchased in 10’ lengths, and can be used to make half-circle loops around your front yard perimeter. Stick one end in the ground, about 6” – 8” deep, curve the pipe, and stick the other end in the ground, forming a half-circle about 3’ – 4’ high. Repeat the process, keeping your ends fairly close the adjoining loop, until you have the area covered of your choosing.

Then, take some strings of Outside Christmas Lights, plug them in and turn them on, and continuously wrap them around the PVC Pipes until all of PVC Pipes have been covered.

You can also take thinner diameter pipe, cut them down to size using a PVC Pipe Cutter or a Hacksaw, and curve it into a small circle. Use an appropriately sized PVC Pipe Sleeve to connect the (2) ends. Then, take some thin, flexible, wire, and attach live Christmas tree branches to your circle in order to create a wreath. Decorate with lights and/or a bow, and hang them where appropriate using a 3M Command Hooks.


Purchase PVC Pipe and Sleeves, PVC Pipe Cutter, & Hacksaw at:


Tip 4:  Hang Meaningful Ornaments


If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, special friends, etc., over the years you may have received some Ornaments from them. You may have chosen to pack some of them away in memories or keepsake boxes. It is time to dig them out and display them, for your benefit, as well as for other people’s benefit. Handmade and/or special Ornaments are definitely a keepsake, but can only be really enjoyed if you display them. Hanging them on your tree should bring back some very pleasant memories.

You may also choose to make or give some special Ornaments as a gift this year. Handmade items usually hold a special place in the receiver’s heart, because they know that you took the time to make something special, just for them.


So, in closing, I would like to wish everyone, a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday Season!


Thanks, and Have a Great One!


CJ Dodaro

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