Organizing Tools, Supplies, and Parts.

Organize – Phase 1: Gather, Organize, Assess & Clean

  Phase 1:  Gather, Organize, Assess & Clean   In Phase 1 you will:  Gather all of your tools and accessories, fasteners, spare parts, & supplies Organize all of the above Assess their condition Clean them if necessary   Tools and Supplies Needed:…
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How to Make Miter & Bevel Cuts

  How to Make Miter & Bevel Cuts   How to Make Perfect Miter & Bevel Cuts may be a little tricky if you have never done this before, so make sure that you fully understand these instructions before cutting…
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How to Use Nail Guns

  How to Use Nail Guns   Nail Guns are usually electrically or pneumatically powered. The pneumatic Nail Guns are generally more powerful. There are different types for different projects. There are framing Nail Guns for framework or heavy construction,…
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Organize – Phase 4 – Part 2: A. Pegboard Hook Shelving

  A.  Easiest Installation:  Pegboard Hook Shelving   This type of installation will involve placing your chosen shelves on Pegboard Shelving Hooks installed into your pegboard. Materials & Supplies Needed: Shelving (type, length, and depth of your choice) Shelving Brackets…
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Organize – Phase 4 – Part 3: B. Under Pegboard Shelving

B. Medium Difficulty Installation:  Under Pegboard Shelving   This type of installation will be Installing Shelving Just Below Your Pegboard, using shelving brackets screwed into the wall. This type of installation also applies to installing shelving which is unrelated to your…
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Organize – Phase 5: How to Install Fluorescent Lights

  Phase 5:  How to Install Fluorescent Lights   About Fluorescent Lighting Installing some 4’ fluorescent lighting in both of your Bases is usually appropriate. Some general overhead lighting, as well as some strategically placed lighting for specific areas will…
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