Best Way to Clean Carpet


Best Way to Clean Carpet


Cleaning your carpet will give your room that fresh feel. It will also make that room healthier to be in, by removing dust mites and other micro-organisms that can be living in your carpet. This can be especially important if you have pets, since they spend most of their time on the floor.

There are different types of carpet cleaning machines out there. There are steam cleaners and shampooers. Most work fairly well, but my choice is the Bissell Carpet Shampooer. It is fairly inexpensive, lightweight, easy to use, and does an excellent job.

Whatever your choice of carpet cleaner is, there are a few common steps to follow that will provide you the Best Way to Clean Carpet.


Materials & Supplies Needed:

  • Spot Stain Remover
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Waxed Paper

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Purchase Carpet Shampoo at:


Tools & Supplies Needed:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Furniture Sliders
  • Stiff Bristled Brush
  • Carpet Shampooer or Steam Cleaner
  • Oscillating Floor Fan

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Step-by-Step Instructions


The Information to complete the first (4) Steps is found in the page:    Steps Common to All Projects

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Step 1 – Create a Materials & Supplies Needed Sheet

Step 2 – Calculate Project Cost

Step 3 – Order Your Materials & Tools Needed

Step 4 – Inspect Your Delivery


Step 5 – Vacuum Your Carpets

Before shampooing your carpet, you should take the time to give the carpets a thorough vacuuming.

Vacuuming your carpets before cleaning them, will help insure a better cleaning with your shampooer. Vacuum all of the carpets that you intend to clean. You should vacuum all exposed areas first, and then vacuum the perimeter after you have moved your furniture.


Step 6 – Spot Treat Badly Stained Areas

After you have thoroughly vacuumed the carpet, spot treat any badly stained areas with spot stain remover.

Follow the directions on the label. You may need to treat some areas more than once to thoroughly remove any bad stains. For stubborn stains, after applying the spot cleaner to the area, scrub it into the carpet with a stiff brush. This will loosen up the stain and allow the spot cleaner to work better.


Step 7 – Open All Windows in the Rooms to be Cleaned

If the temperature is above 60 degrees outside, you should open all windows in the rooms to be cleaned in order to speed up drying time. You can also set up an oscillating fan to also reduce the drying time.


Step 8 – Move Furniture to One Side of the Room

Move all furniture to one side of the room. You will clean 1/2 of the room at a time.

You can use furniture sliders on the legs or corners of any heavy furniture to make it easier to move. Use one slider for each leg or corner, and you will amazed at how much easier it will be to slide your furniture around.


Step 9 – Clean the First Half of Your Room

Vacuum and clean the carpet in the first half of your room, using your carpet shampooer according to the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Once your furniture has been moved to one side of the room, vacuum the areas which were previously blocked by furniture. Then, fill your carpet cleaner with water and carpet shampoo in the proper holding containers, according to your carpet cleaner’s manual. Once the fluids have been installed, turn the machine on, let it heat up, and then begin cleaning the carpet beginning at the far side of the room.

You should clean your carpet in straight rows, beginning near the far wall at the center of the room. Clean from the center point to the wall, then turn the machine around to clean the other half of the row, being careful NOT to step on the cleaned area. Continue this process until you have reached a point that is a little past the half way point of the room.

For extra dirty areas or traffic pattern areas like hallways, you may need to clean the same row more than once. The dirtier your carpet is, the slower you should move your machine. You want to make sure that you are evenly dispensing your carpet shampoo and rinse water for best results.

Most machines have switches for dispensing the shampoo, as well as the clean water for vacuuming up the shampoo and dirt. Apply the shampoo on the forward pass with your machine, and apply the water on the return pass, with your vacuuming switch ON, moving the machine very slowly in order to suck up as much water as possible. This will shorten the drying time. Consult your carpet cleaner’s manual for any additional Instructions.

Keep an eye on your shampoo container and your clean water container in order to make sure that neither runs out, otherwise, you will be doing nothing more than revacuuming your carpet. Also keep an eye on your dirty water container, and empty it before it gets completely full. Take note of how dirty the water is when you empty it. You may be amazed at how much dirt is being removed.

Once you reach a little past the center of the room, turn the machine OFF. It is best to let the carpet dry for at least a few hours before returning the furniture and completing the second half of the room. The carpet should either be completely dry, or just very slightly damp before replacing the furniture. You should also revacuum the area where the furniture is going before returning it to remove any loosened carpet fibers from the cleaning process. You should place furniture on waxed paper if your carpet is still damp to prevent any stain transfer from the legs and bases to your carpet, and to also protect these areas from the dampness.

If you have other areas to clean, such as other rooms or stairs, you can complete the first half of those while you are waiting for the first carpet to dry. This will reduce your down time waiting for the drying process to be completed.


Step 10 – Move All Furniture to the Cleaned Half of the Room

Once you have allowed the room to dry for at least a few hours, check to see how wet the carpet still is. If it is nearly dry, you can begin moving all of the room’s furniture to the cleaned half of the room, making sure to place waxed paper under any surfaces that will come in contact with the damp carpet.

If it still fairly wet, you will need to allow for more drying time. (This usually indicates that you are NOT moving the machine slow enough when removing the water. You should go over these wet areas again with your machine in the vacuum mode, in order to attempt to dry them out more quickly. Also make sure that your dirty water container is not full.)

Once the carpet is only slightly damp, you can begin moving all of the room’s furniture to the cleaned half of the room, making sure to place waxed paper under any surfaces that will come in contact with the damp carpet. This is very important, since certain stained wood will transfer to the carpet if you do NOT protect it, and the dampness may damage the legs or bases of your furniture.


Step 11 – Clean the Remaining Half of Your Rooms

Once all of the furniture has been located onto the clean half of the carpet, vacuum any areas in the remaining half of the rooms which were previously blocked by furniture. Then, use your carpet cleaner on the remaining portion of your rooms.

Once you have allowed sufficient drying time to where carpet is only slightly damp, you can return all of the furniture to their proper places, placing all furniture on waxed paper until the carpet is completely dry. You will need to locate any furniture a few inches from it’s final position, in order to allow the carpet to completely dry, before returning the furniture completely to it’s rightful position.


Nice Job! Taking Shoes Off at the Door, will make your Cleaning Efforts Last Longer.


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