Tool Belts, Tool Boxes, & Tool Holsters

Tool Belts, Tool Boxes, & Tool Holsters


What do these three things have in common? They all hold tools! Here are the differences:


Tool Belts:  A multi-pocketed separate belt, which can be worn over your existing belt. They are designed to carry an array of different types of tools, while allowing the convenience of having them quickly accessible to the worker.

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Tool Boxes:  Come in a wide variety of styles. Some are small and portable, while others are large and more permanently placed. Most homeowner’s will have more than one. Usually, at lease one large, main Tool Box for permanent placement, and at lease one smaller, portable one, for carrying a handful of tools to the work site.

A good main Tool Box will be:  strong, durable, contain multiple cabinets, each with multiple drawers (some with dividers), in order to neatly store a wide variety and large amount of the most commonly used tools.

A good portable Tool Box can be made from wood, metal, or cloth, and needs to be able to carry a small variety of tools needed for a specific project, from either your main Tool Box or pegboard to your work site. It will have a carrying handle for easy transport, and may contain pockets for separately storing specific tools.

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Tool Holsters:  Have slots in them to run your belt through in order to attach them to your belt. They are designed to carry individual tools, such as a hammer, or a pair of pruners.

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