Plastic Storage Containers For?

Plastic Storage Containers For?


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Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic Storage Containers



Plastic Storage Containers For? will explore the use of Plastic Storage Containers and other types of Containers for storing all of the various items needed and/or acquired for Home Repairs.


Storage is a component that all homeowners deal with on many levels. For our purposes, we will be discussing Storage for Home Repair & Maintenance items only. How you store your items will greatly affect your efficiency and completion times of your many Home Projects.

Storage needs will be different for the Homeowner who has just purchased a brand new, or newly renovated home, as apposed to the Homeowner who has just purchased a fixer-upper. However, although different, all Homeowners will require some kind of Storage for these items, and the types and kinds of Storage needed will evolve over time.

I will discuss a wide variety of types. Keep in mind your particular Storage needs now, along with planning for your future Storage needs.


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Plastic Storage Containers


Plastic Storage Containers come in variety of types, shapes, and durability, and are widely acceptable for use in storing many of your Home Repair items and supplies. They are lightweight, yet durable, and come in clear or colors. They are universally accepted as an excellent choice for storing a variety of items.

There are Plastic Bins that come in all different sizes, for storing everything from loose nuts, bolts, screws, nails, etc. in the smaller multi-bin separated compartment styles, to the large Bins for storing bigger, bulkier items, such as: electrical and plumbing supplies, drywall repair supplies, and/or tools.

They are also available in Clear Stackable Drawers (stationary or with wheels), which are great for storing larger items, such as: door knobs, hinges, drywall supplies, electrical and plumbing supplies, etc.

They are also available as Cabinets with doors for storing larger items out of sight, such as: paint, stains, and other similar items. The variety of styles are nearly endless, and you are sure to find exactly what you need for all of your storage needs.


The types of Storage that I will discuss have been broken down by their practical uses, and include all types of materials for each section. They are listed as follows:

Storage Containers


Storage Containers are simply pieces that can contain items. They can be anything from the box that screws or nails come in when purchased, to a coffee can or jar for loose nuts, bolts, and washers, to a shoe box for storing leftover parts, to Cabinets, Drawers, Tool Boxes, etc.

There is a wide variety of durable, pre-made, reasonably priced, Containers, which are available in various sizes, and can be used to satisfy most, if not all, of your Storage needs. Some are Plastic, while others are made from Wood or Metal. Each is designed to assist in the organizing and storing of various items.

Most of these Containers have lids or doors, which will keep your stored items dust-free, and are very practical when storing your items in an environment where there may be a lot of sawdust created.


Click on any of the links under each section below, for any of my  Recommended Suppliers,  to see their offerings for each type. Purchase the items that suit your needs.


Some of the common Containers useful for storing items used in Home Repair and Maintenance are:



Cabinets are a great Storage option for certain items. They are available in either free-standing styles or the type that hangs on the wall. They come in different sizes, with multiple Shelves, and can be very useful for storing larger items, hidden out-of-the-way, and kept dust-free. You can store many different type items in a Cabinet, including:  leftover cans of paint and stains, large spare parts, chemicals, small power tools, and many other larger type items. Some Cabinets may contain locks, which will be beneficial to keep out children, in order to keep them safe from hazardous or dangerous items, such as chemicals, and other toxic type Items.

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Drawers can be made from Wood, Metal, or Plastic. The type and style that you choose is completely up to you.

Drawers are great for storing spare parts, supplies, and small power tools. You can keep like parts in separate Drawers, such as:  electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, extension cords, paint supplies, sandpaper, wallboard repair supplies, door knobs, hinges, etc. Drawers can be easily marked with a sticker showing the category of the contents stored inside.

Drawers come in a variety of sizes. They are also offered in different numbers of Drawers per set, with some of the Plastic units designed to be stackable, in order to create your own custom column(s) of Drawers.

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Large Bin Containers


Large Bin Containers with lids come in handy for storing large quantities of supplies, such as:  electrical supplies and parts, plumbing fixtures, extension cords, painting supplies, etc. Each type can be stored in a separate, stackable, Container for easier access to the item(s) you require.

Purchase Large Bin Containers at:


Multi-Bin Small Parts Containers


Multi-Bin Small Parts Containers

Multi-Bin Small Parts Containers

These Containers contain multiple separated areas for keeping all of your small parts stored in an organized manner. They are ideal for storing:  loose screws, nails, other fasteners, and any other small parts that you may have on hand. You can keep like items together, making it easier to find the item(s) that you need when working on a Project.

The styles available range from single layer, portable cases with lids, to multi-drawer, multi-layer types. Many have removal Bins or Drawers. I find these types to be the best. The removable Bins or Drawers allow you to carry the needed items in bulk, directly to your work site, eliminating those aggravating second trips to get that last fastener that you forgot to bring on your first trip.

There are Open-Bin Containers, usually kept on a Rack, which allow you to store large quantities of these types of items. You can use these types to store boxed items along with loose items of the same kind in the same Container.

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Containers are a must for all homeowners, in order to get and stay organized.


Pegboard Storage


Pegboard Tool Storage is also a must for all homeowners. It will keep all your bulkier and larger tools well organized for easy access. Pegboard and Pegboard Installation is discussed, in depth, in separate posts under:   Inside Home Repairs & Maintenance Projects  Simply click on the Link to be directed to my Home page, and then explore the Categories in the right sidebar.

Purchase Pegboard & Hooks at:


Rack & Hook Storage


Rack & Hook Storage is ideal for storing items like ladders, spare lumber, and Open-Bins. Racks & Hooks can be installed on the wall, hung from rafters, or can be portable (on wheels) for carting around your spare lumber or Open-Bins to your cutting or work site.

Purchase Rack & Hook Storage at:


Shelving Storage


Shelving Storage for certain tools and other supplies, can provide you with quick access to some of your commonly and regularly used small power tools, such as:  drills, sanders, etc., along with easy accessibility to the supplies that may be stored on them. Shelving and Shelving Installation is discussed, in depth, in separate posts under:   Inside Home Repairs & Maintenance Projects  Simply click on the Link to be directed to my Home page, and then explore the Categories in the right sidebar.

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Tool Box Storage


Tool Boxes come in a variety of types and sizes, ranging from small, Portable types, to large multi-Cabinet, multi-Drawer types, which are usually more permanently placed. Tool Boxes are discussed more in depth, in my page:  Tool Belts, Tool Boxes, and Tool Holsters.

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Thanks, and Happy Organizing!


CJ Dodaro