Best Home Repair Tools & Equipment

Best Home Repair Tools and Equipment An Overview


So, where can you get a list of Home Repair Tools and their uses, along with a list of Power Tools and their uses?

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When it comes to buying the Best Home Repair Tools and Equipment for any home project, you want to know that what you have invested in is:

  •  going to get the job done for you in an efficient manner
  • be comfortable to use
  • will last a long time so that you can use that tool or piece of equipment over and over again, with the same excellent results.

On top of that, you want to get that tool or piece of equipment at the best price possible.

There is definitely a difference between the needs of a conventional homeowner vs. that of a professional contractor or handyperson. A homeowner will only be using most of those tools occasionally, while the professional may use some of them on nearly a daily basis. Certain items that will provide a homeowner nearly a lifetime of use, may only provide a professional a small fraction of that usage time. Others will be suitable for both.

For each of my project instructions, I will be including a list of tools needed to complete the task, along with recommendations of where to purchase these tools if you don’t already own them. My recommendations are based on personal experience with these Suppliers. You may review my set of criteria used for making these recommendations by clicking:   Recommended Suppliers   in the Top-Menu on any page of my website. You can also view particulars about individual Suppliers by clicking on the drop-down links under the   Recommended Suppliers   tab.

You may also click on any of the drop-down links under:   Best Home Repair Tools and Equipment   to find a particular tool in the appropriate section. Each entry includes a description of the tool and an explanation of the specific or common uses for each. Whenever possible, I will also include suggestions on where to purchase a quality version of that tool at a good price. Most of my suggestions will be for homeowner grade tools, but when appropriate, I will note any that I feel will also be good enough for professionals.

You may leave a Comment on particular tools used, successful or otherwise, at the bottom of each project, along with your Comments on your success or failure with the project.


Best of Luck in All your Projects! Hope that I have helped!


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CJ Dodaro