April 2017 Newsletter


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April 2017 Newsletter

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Included in this Month’s Newsletter is the following:

Tips for Getting This Year’s Projects Off on the Right Foot


Begin with a couple of Inside Projects:

Tip 1:  Clean or Change Furnace Filter & Clean Furnace


Normally this task is done quarterly:  March, June, September, & December, but if it has not yet been accomplished, do it now.

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Tip 2:  Clean Your Carpets


Once the weather warms up enough to get the windows opened, you should Clean Any Dirty Carpets. Easter is this month, and Mother’s Day is coming up next month, and if you are hosting, it is nice to have things extra clean.

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This next Project is both Inside & Outside in nature.

Tip 3:  Clean Your Screens and Wash Windows


If you get a nice 70 degree plus day, it is a good idea to Clean Your Windows and Screens.

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The remainder of these Projects are Outside Projects.

Tip 4:  Prepare Your Flower Beds


As soon as the ground dries out, it is time to begin Preparing your Flower Beds for any annual plantings. It is only time to clean up the areas and initially cultivate the soil. Unless you are planting from seed, it will not be time to plant any Flowers until after Mother’s Day.

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Tip 5:  Complete Your Spring Cleanup


If you have not done so already, it is time to complete your Spring Cleanup. Pruning deadwood, cleaning up the beds and lawn, and applying the first application of lawn fertilizer will get your landscaping off to a great start.

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That’s all that I have for now. Keep up with my posts, and you will be off and running for a successful year!


Best of Luck in All of Your Projects!



CJ Dodaro




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